Frequently Asked Questions

What is eFind Mail?

eFind Mail is a program that is an email client that allows you to manage and organize your emails, but also is a personal information manager that can keep track of contacts.

Why would I use eFind Mail?

eFind Mail as an email client also provides many other features for organizing your emails that your webmail may not provide.

How do I get eFind Mail?

eFind Mail is a free service and you can signup here.

Do I have to have an email to use eFind Mail?

Yes, eFind Mail is used only to connect to email servers to send and receive messages. eFind Mail could still be used for contacts without specifically using email, but features would be minimally available in this manner.

What is a recovery email address?

When you sign up, we ask you to provide a recovery email address. If you forget your password, this would be the way we are able to help you reset your password.

How do I get a recovery email to use in eFind Mail?

The recovery email is required during sign-up. It could save you a giant headache if you forget your password. There are many free email providers on the web such as ProtonMail, Microsoft, Google, and more who can provide you with a free email that you can use as your recovery email.

Why can't I add my account to eFind Mail?

Many providers may have options to prevent third party programs from connecting to the server, especially if you have two factor authentication enabled on your email. Check your webmail account settings or with your email provider, you may need to enable access by third party or less secure apps or generate a special app password to add your account to eFind Mail.

Is eFind Mail secure to keep my information safe?

Yes, our data center is AICPA SOC 2 Type II certified. Additionally, there are methods to use a secure connection to other email servers, such as SSL or TLS, however it is up to those email providers to agree to transfer emails in these methods.

How often or quickly does email arrive in eFind Mail?

This is configurable in send and receive options. You can set eFind Mail to automatically receive emails after a certain amount of time has passed. Some accounts are immediate, regardless of the setting.

Does eFind Mail allow me to organize my emails?

Yes, you can create folders and sub-folders. You can store and organize your emails with these folders.

Can I create an email signature template?

Yes, you can define different signatures for each email account.

I have a lot of contacts, do these show up in eFind Mail?

No, contacts are not synced automatically. However, you can create contacts and new lists that work in eFind Mail or import contacts from other sources.

Does eFind Mail offer any junk or spam protection?

Yes, these options are separate from your email providers options, and only apply to eFind Mail.

If I block someone in the junk settings does that stop them from emailing me?

No, the block list in eFind Mail only sends messages to the spam folder. You could also request to unsubscribe from that company.

Can people on my Safe List still send me junk or spam?

Yes, the safe list stops eFind Mail from sending their emails to the junk folder, regardless of the content of the message.

What happens when I delete an email from eFind Mail?

The email will be moved to the trash folder. After a certain amount of time, or based on your choosing, it will be permanently deleted and no longer accessible on the server.

Can I connect the same account to multiple computers that have eFind Mail?

Yes, you can connect your email to multiple devices that have eFind Mail.

How do I close/delete my email account?

Please go to your Settings page and find the deactivate link in the menu. After your account is deactivated, you will no longer be able to login, and send or receive emails. You'll have six months to re-activate your account, afterwhich your account will be unrecoverable. If you wish to re-activate your account, please contact us at: